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The 7 Main Elements of Happiness and How To Use Them All


1) Passion

Passion isn’t just a hobby or something you like to do in your past time.

Passion is your truth. Passion is what lights your fire and makes you happy. Now, if you think about it, isn’t happiness the main truth in life? Isn’t that the only thing all of us humans want?

This is simple and powerful. So if you find passion, you find happiness. You literally don’t have to have a care in the world since you’re happy doing what you do.

Use this element of passion, and the world will make sense to you.

2) Positive thinking

What we make of the world and our own lives is based on our thoughts and perspective of everything.

Now, you can either go negative or positive. Those are the only two routes your head can take. The choice is up to you.

You have the power of imagination. Eradicate negative thinking and try to fit in some positive thoughts. That’s how powerful your thoughts are. They can decide your happiness.

Think about it… you know it’s true.

3) Gratitude

This is an extension to positive thinking. It’s about seeing the greater things in life.

I like to think that this is optimism on a practical level.

Stop focusing on what you lack in life. Focus on what you have and be thankful. Not only is this as easy as it can be said, you will discover how lucky and in turn, happy you actually are when you realize there’re so many things you can be grateful for.

A great way to start is tomorrow. When you wake up, lay it bed for a minute. Name ten things in your head you’re grateful. That’s way better than dreading the day ahead because of work or whatever.

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